Beginning A Residence Primarily based Catering Organization

Beginning a dwelling primarily based catering company can be thrilling and rewarding. As you will be dealing with meals there are guidelines and regulations that you will have to adhere to.

There are two most important regulations when any company bargains with meals, firstly there is the Regulation (EC) No.852/2004 on hygiene and foodstuffs and secondly, the Meals Hygiene Regulations 2006, which replaced the Meals Security Regulations 1995. These set out simple hygiene specifications for all elements of your company, from your premises and facilities to the private hygiene of your employees. They also demand ‘food security management procedures’ to be place in spot and to retain up to date records of these procedures.

Guidelines about Premises

It is significant to register your premises with the environmental well being service at your regional authority, at least 28 days ahead of opening. This applies to most catering organizations in the UK. They need to comply with the important regulations, be appropriate for the objective of your company and enable you to prepare meals safely.

Your premises need to be clean and maintained in superior repair and situation and enable you to stick to superior hygiene practices, like protection against contamination and, in distinct, pest handle.

You ought to have hand washing and toilet facilities for your employees, separate sinks for washing meals and cleaning gear, superior ventilation, lighting and drainage.

All surfaces in the meals preparation location, like floors, walls, ceilings, windows, doors, and worktops, ought to be smooth, really hard wearing, washable and in superior state of repair. In other words they ought to be simple to clean and disinfect.

Ideally you ought to have a separate location for cleaning gear, with sufficient provide of hot and cold water and storage location.


Any item of gear that comes into make contact with with meals, need to be in superior repair and situation that is conveniently kept clean and disinfected when important. Any massive pieces of gear, for instance cookers and fridges, ought to be conveniently movable so that they can be frequently cleaned behind and down the sides.


It is necessary that all meals waste and any other waste is removed from the meals preparation location as quickly as attainable to avoid make up. There need to be appropriate facilities for the disposal of meals waste and other rubbish.

Wellness and Security

You need to organize and perform in such a way that protects the well being and security of your personnel and any other particular person that could possibly be impacted by the way you perform. If you have 5 or much more personnel it is necessary that you have a written well being and security policy which information all your well being and security arrangements.

Fire Security

It is advisable to get guidance from your regional fire authority. They will assist you to carry out a fire threat assessment and assist you place in measures that will guard oneself, your employees and shoppers.

Managing Meals Security

Meals security management is all about what you do to handle how meals is made in your company, to make certain it is protected to consume. This suggests placing in spot ‘food security management procedures’ and procedures of recording and maintaining up to date records of these procedures. Any modifications in your company, these procedures need to be reviewed.


It is advisable that the crucial particular person in the kitchen goes on a formal meals hygiene course and get a meals hygiene certificate ( even although it is not a legal requirement ), it will assist with meals security management and show due diligence. This particular person will then be in a position to train any member of employees that handles meals in meals hygiene procedures and supervise their progress. It is advisable that any coaching a member of employees requires is recorded and can be shown to environmental well being officers when they go to your premises.


They will need to be selected cautiously, for reliability and the security and excellent of the meals they give. They can conveniently impact your company. It is significant that the goods you purchase have been stored, processed and handled safely. When it is delivered you will need to verify the temperatures of chilled and frozen meals is right, packaging is not broken, it is what you ordered and is handled and transported appropriately. If not reject the delivery and make contact with supplier instantly.


You need to retain written records of all the suppliers that give you with meals or any meals components. It need to consist of the information of the supplier, their name, address, what they supplied, the quantity supplied and the date supplied. You ought to retain a record of the batch quantity or the ‘use by date’.

Any meals supplies you acquire you will need to retain the invoices or receipts so if there is a issue with the meals you have sold then the environmental well being officer can verify back the information of the meals item.

Likewise, if you provide meals to a different company, you will will need to retain related records, so that all meals things can be tracked.


When transporting meals you need to avoid it from getting contaminated, for instance from dirt and/or bacteria. It is significant that meals is transported in appropriate packaging or containers to guard it from contamination. Chilled or frozen meals is kept at the right temperature, and this might demand the use of cool bags/boxes or refrigerated vans. Raw and prepared to consume foods are kept apart. And the autos utilised are kept clean and in superior repair.

Superior meals hygiene

Superior meals hygiene is vital to make certain that meals you serve is protected to consume, and assists avoid meals poisoning and protects the reputation of your company. When beginning up your catering company it is superior practice to introduce superior hygiene from the get started.

Most catering organizations use the four C’s to recall superior meals hygiene. They are

  • Cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Chilling
  • Cross-contamination